With many overseas countries offering low-cost manufacturing alternatives, it may seem attractive to have your product manufactured cheaply outside the UK….but this comes with many pitfalls that can end up in a costly mess, leaving you with a huge deficit and container loads of sub-standard products you can’t use.

What are the 3 mains risks of having your product manufacturing manufactured overseas?

1. Quality

Imagine opening a shipping container from overseas to find your goods are not quite as expected, or damaged somehow?  That’s a setback nobody wants. If you can’t easily visit your manufacturer, you can’t check anything before it’s too late.

2. Large order quantities

When ordering overseas you may find you have to buy in bulk which is no good if you need a few ‘specials’ or bespoke versions of your product.

3. Shipping time

The manufacturing process may be quicker overseas, but factoring in say, six weeks of shipping, and potential delays associated with bad weather, or goods being held at customs – you could be looking at a much longer process to get your product to market.


Don’t compromise on quality or take risks.

Choosing a UK based manufacturing company means you take less risk, maintain your quality without the added stress of delayed delivery times and supports the UK economy.

Why manufacture in the UK?

  • Manufacturing involves a complete process of R&D, design, marketing, distribution, service and support.
  • It brings £150 billion per annum to the economy
  • Generates half of all UK exports,
  • Directly employs three million people
  • Accounts for three-quarters of business R&D.

Pioneer has over 45 years of manufacturing experience and has manufactured over 20,000 unique products.  We guarantee to meet your expectations, delivering top quality products on time – every time.