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Specialist security product manufacturers

Partner with a manufacturer who knows security

Have you got an idea for a security product that needs refining and developing into a full manufacturing run?

Pioneer can provide everything you need from design support to distribution of your finished product.

Security containers

40 years security experience


Security product engineers


High-level certification

Full in-house security manufacturing


B.R.E. Testing

Ballistic protection expertise

Bullet resistant glazing

Bullet resistant glazing


Anti-bandit specialists

Develop your idea to improve profits

The early stages of developing a security product are where the costly mistakes can be made. We will streamline and shape your idea/design to make it more profitable and to make sure it works.


#1 Idea development call

Firstly we can spend some time discussing your product and your vision


#2 Non-disclosure agreement

Complete confidentiality to protect your ideas

#3 Initial sketches

Form sketch and product drawings


#4 Engineering

CAD system to model your idea in 3D

#5 Assess customer needs

Make sure your idea really meets your clients needs


#6 Customer site survey

We will travel to you or your client


#7 Finding the right solution

Meet the relevant threat level


#8 Prototyping

One-off product testing and prototyping to refine your idea

The process to get your product manufactured

The early stages of developing a security product are where the costly mistakes can be made. We will streamline and shape your idea/design to make it more profitable and to make sure it works.

  1. 1.

    Initial contact

    Discuss the scope of a project with a qualified engineer and how it can be achieved. We'll also sign a Non-disclosure Agreement at this first step.

  2. 2.


    We'll create full engineering drawings, which are vital for a successful product.

  3. 3.


    Our production team will produce a first-off example of your product. This critical stage can help to drive efficiencies and prevent costly unforeseen errors.

  4. 4.


    Thorough testing of your product will ensure it meets the correct threat level or can achieve the right certification for your market.

  5. 5.

    Refine the design

    Based on the testing results, we'll make any refinements needed to improve product performance and cut costs.

  6. 6.


    Our experienced procurement team will source everything - from fixings to packaging.

  7. 7.


    We'll kick off the manufacturing process, planning ahead to reduce bottlenecks. 'Slow is smooth, smooth is FAST'

Types of security products

Some of the products we have produced for the security sector.

Parcel Hatches

Security doors

Anti-bandit screens

Security cabinets

Electric interlocked transfer unit

Security pass-through trays

Cash drawers

Before bringing my manufacturing requirements into Pioneer, I used to purchase the main casings in from Poland and custom build the doors and internal fitments in the UK. Then finally fit the whole lot together.

Switching across to using Pioneer to provide a complete turnkey solution reduced admin, complexity, lead-times and cost. No more issues with exchange rate fluctuations, paints colours not matching between two manufacturing sites, or parts not fitting together correctly.

However, the biggest difference is difficult to quantify. It’s the benefits of working with an enthusiastic and helpful team that truly want to see my business succeed and grow.

It’s a pleasure working with them.

Marcus EdwardsOwner, Server Fortress Ltd

Professional Accreditation

Backed by industry standard certifications, we strive to ensure the best quality, fully tested and certified products for our customers.


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