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Reduce costs by partnering with a complete fabrication and manufacturing company with everything in one place.


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Specialising in sheet metal fabrication, we work with mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper. We also source and work with plastics, wood, composites and castings.

Why Pioneer?

Getting your product manufactured is a big commitment and you don’t want to find yourself with a supplier that is eating into your profits.

Pioneer is a fully fitted manufacturing plant based in Ramsgate, South East Kent. We are here to reduce the number of suppliers in your supply chain, resulting in a reduction of errors, costs and improved response times.

Partnering with Pioneer, you get the best of everything, including access to our 45 years of experience of turning your ideas or designs into fully fabricated, efficiently manufactured products.

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A truly turn-key manufacturing solution - saving time and money

Working with Pioneer eliminates a lot of the hassle and additional logistical costs because we handle everything in-house - meaning you only have one supplier to deal with so you can concentrate on selling your product.

Before bringing my manufacturing requirements into Pioneer, I used to purchase the main casings in from Poland and custom build the doors and internal fitments in the UK. Then finally fit the whole lot together.

Switching across to using Pioneer to provide a complete turnkey solution reduced admin, complexity, lead-times and cost. No more issues with exchange rate fluctuations, paints colours not matching between two manufacturing sites, or parts not fitting together correctly.

However, the biggest difference is difficult to quantify. It’s the benefits of working with an enthusiastic and helpful team that truly want to see my business succeed and grow.

It’s a pleasure working with them.

Marcus EdwardsOwner, Server Fortress Ltd

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