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Metal fabricated products

Here are a few examples of some of the products we have manufactured for customers of ours. This is not an exhaustive list; we can meet almost any demand.

Parcel Hatches

Installed as part of a protective screen, these allow the safe transfer of packages or forms between two spaces. Useful for protection against viral transfer and physical attack.

Standard size is 565mm wide x 1200mm high, other sizes and a variety of colours available upon request.

Security doors

Our standard secure doors come pre-hung in a powder coated steel frame, complete with all necessary furniture. The addition of a parcel hatch integrated into the door blank is available as an option.

Standard sizes:

  • 925mm wide x 2045mm High.
  • 762mm Wide x 2045mm High.

Anti-bandit screens

Made to any specification or threat level. Our screens provide safety and protection for staff working in any cash handling environment.

Security cabinets

All kinds of cabinetry produced from drawer pedestals to secure electronic equipment containers.

Electric interlocked transfer unit

These are constructed from 3mm thick mild steel forming the main body. Incorporating 2 electrically interlocked side hung doors, they are designed to provide ballistic protection in line with categories G.2. & S.86 of British Standard 5051 part 1 1988. Units can be produced in different sizes, made for manual operation, and also weatherproofed.

Security pass-through trays

Generally used for the transfer of documents, and cash etc, these pass through trays are set into counter tops that have anti-bandit/bullet resistant glass screens. Made with a ballistic resistant base, they can be fitted with a stainless steel sliding lid or clear polycarbonate.

Cash drawers

Secure, versatile systems for the safe storage of cash etc. These can be made to almost any size or spec. and can be mounted to the underside of counters.

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Security products

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