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Manufacturing your product

A truly turn-key manufacturing solution - saving time and money

Working with Pioneer eliminates a lot of the hassle and additional logistical costs because we handle everything in-house – meaning you only have one supplier to deal with so you can concentrate on selling your product.

product design

1: Product design & development

Right from the start, our design process simplifies and aims to cut costs for your product development ideas.

We have made significant investment in the latest machinery and computer technology.  We can design your product on-site and then simply transfer data to our machinery ensuring product components are made to tolerances of 0.2mm.

Our qualified designers can also provide visuals and design work based on knowledge of our production processes with a view to making cost savings that can be passed on to our customer.

Trained CAD operators are able to work from the simplest of sketches to produce full engineering drawings of both component parts and fully assembled units, or we can work from your completed designs for immediate transferal to machinery.


2: Engineering

Producing quality products without compromise

Allow us to show you we have the capabilities to produce your product with a clear focus on saving costs, but without compromising on quality.

We’ll create a fully working prototype, to your specification, and within an agreed timescale.

Once made, we can test, evaluate and redesign as necessary, to achieve the ideal solution, at the ideal price.


3: Prototyping and product testing

Prototyping your product to perfection

Allow us to show you we have the capabilities to produce your product and how we can improve the efficiency of your run.

We’ll create a fully working prototype, make sure it meets your specification and develop a stringent testing process.

Refinement and improvement is our focus all the way….ensuring that the manufacturing process is as seamless and efficient as is possible.


4: Fabricating your product

State of the art Fabrication

In-house teams with state of the art equipment and years of experience are on hand to fabricate your product.

We’ll source the best, cost effective raw materials and craft them into a full product ready for final assembly and finishing.


5: Finishing

Superior finishing techniques giving you get the exact quality of product you expect

There’s a wide variety of finishes, textures and colours available to complete your product to perfection.

Thermoplastic or thermoset polymer powder coatings, application and curing create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint.


6: In-house Assembly

The efficiency of  in-house assembly is key in our manufacturing run times.

Our team of in-house assembly experts know our processes and get to know your product.

Our ‘no hassle’ approach not only reduces manufacturing time by completing all product assembly on site but it also cuts out unnecessary additional logistical costs.


7: Warehouse and distribution

Seamless distribution is the final vital step

We take every possible step to ensure that your products arrive at their end destination in the best condition by handling the majority of product distribution in-house.

Our warehouse allows us to store your finished products for delivery to your end user.

For urgent smaller deliveries and service/maintenance work, we have a small fleet of vehicles ready to go!

8: Our aftercare support

Our Commitment to our Customers doesn’t stop at delivery

For the lifespan of your product, it makes sense to deal with people who created it and know it inside out.

Our first-time fix approach will save you money and time and eliminates multiple visits from maintenance companies who don’t know your product.

Our Aftercare Support offers excellent value Servicing, Maintenance and Repairs and you can rest assured that we’re right there for you in the event of an Emergency.


Before bringing my manufacturing requirements into Pioneer, I used to purchase the main casings in from Poland and custom build the doors and internal fitments in the UK. Then finally fit the whole lot together.

Switching across to using Pioneer to provide a complete turnkey solution reduced admin, complexity, lead-times and cost. No more issues with exchange rate fluctuations, paints colours not matching between two manufacturing sites, or parts not fitting together correctly.

However, the biggest difference is difficult to quantify. It’s the benefits of working with an enthusiastic and helpful team that truly want to see my business succeed and grow.

It’s a pleasure working with them.

Marcus EdwardsOwner, Server Fortress Ltd

Manufacturing sectors we have experience with


Pump/generator housings, cladding, storage, machinery, animal/livestock enclosures.


Secure storage, safe rooms, ballistic protection, server cabinets.


Light housings, cabinetry, audio and speech transfer systems, and office equipment.


Staircases, tables and seating, wine racks, decorative structures, mirror frames, decorative bathware.


Clothing rails, racking, decorative structures, lighting, storage, mail room equipment, cash offices.


Secure doors, cash/document transfer systems, ballistic resistant windows, safe/panic rooms.

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