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We have made significant investment in the latest machinery, and likewise we have introduced computer technology that complements it. Using the latest Solidworks CAD system, we can design on site and then simply transfer data to our machinery via RADAN software -this ensures product components are made to tolerances of 0.2mm.

Our qualified designers can also provide visuals and design work based on knowledge of our production processes with a view to making cost savings that can be passed on to our customer.

Computer Aided Design

Trained Solidworks CAD operators are able to input data derived from the simplest of sketches. This information can then be used to produce full engineering drawings of both component parts and fully assembled units. DXF and DWG drawing files can be sent to us via e-mail and can then be viewed on site for quotation or immediate transferral to machinery.

Computer Aided Manufacture

Directly linked to our Trumpf Punching equipment, the Radan system can send all the relevant information to our operators who can begin tooling set-ups. Radan also allows us to utilise more of the material, which can cut costs. Sets of components can even be ‘nested’ onto one sheet of material so that a product can be made as a kit -our cash drawers are an example of this whereby one complete unit can be produced in under 5 minutes. Further time savings can also be made by using multi-tools and standard slitting tools, this means little or no set-up times.


Happy New Year everyone!!

January 5th, 2017

Well, 2016 was, shall we say, interesting? Despite a lot of uncertainty in the economy, we’re sticking firm to our core…

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