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Cutting & Folding

Trumpf 200 R

Purchased in 1998, this has been a great asset to our business. Its ability to punch sheet sizes of up to 3 metres in length and up to 3mm thick even in stainless steel means we can produce large parts from standard sheet sizes with punch speeds of up to 500 hits per minute. The head of the machine is fully rotational and with the right tooling can even tap holes in 3mm steel. Forming tools allow us the option to produce louvers for use in cabinets etc.

Trumpf 2000 R.

This is ideal for smaller part production due to its sheer speed. Punch rates are almost double that of the Trumpf 200 with nibbling speeds up to an incredible 1200 strokes per minute. Another benefit to this machine is its improved multitool system whereby each station (of which there are nine) can hold a single tool cartridge containing up to ten tools, each one being fully rotational. This means that theoretically the ‘2000 R’ can hold ninety tools- a huge range of tools that may require no setting up at all. Part removal can be programmed to the extent that small handed parts can be removed and deposited into separate containers.

Trumpf 1030 Fiber laser.

Brand new in 2014, this is one of the most efficient laser machines available. It cuts cleaner edges than punching and in many cases removes the need to deburr parts. With no tooling up necessary, the 1030 laser can be put into action very quickly simply by transferring DXF files via Radan straight to the machine, plus we are not constrained by a limited variety of tools -now we can cut almost any shape imaginable.

Amada Promecams.

Our Amada Promecams are all CNC controlled, guaranteeing bending accuracy and repeatability. Our machines vary in size from the smallest, which has a maximum bending length of 2 metres and 50 tonnes of pressure, to our largest, which will fold 3metre long sheets with up to 100 tonnes of pressure. Tooling can be shared between machines and we have the versatility to work on large or small products simultaneously.

Safan Guillotine.

The Safan HT 255-6TS is at the cutting edge of shearing technology (excuse the pun). We are able to cut up to 6mm thick mild steel sheet and 4mm stainless steel. The touch-screen user interface enables the user to make fast and accurate adjustments to cut lengths.